Self-Cleaning Coating

Other disinfectants last only a few minutes. One TruClean
application protects your surfaces for up to a year.

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Truly Clean Surfaces For Any Industry

Surface coating can be used safely and effectively to control cross contamination in a variety of applications, including environments such as:

Home & Residential

Kitchen counters, sinks, bathrooms, shower curtains, playrooms, toys, etc.

Athletic Facilities

Locker rooms, exercise equipment, wrestling mats, communal showers, etc.

Schools & Childcare

Nurse’s offices/infirmaries, locker rooms, athletic equipment, cafeterias, etc.

Food Processing

Indirect contact prep areas, staging areas, walk-in coolers, restrooms, etc.

Hospitality & Travel

Rooms, cabins, passenger seats, lobbies, door handles, common touchpoints, etc.

Hospital & Healthcare

Patient rooms, operating rooms, ICU, emergency room, waiting rooms, etc.

Our TruClean Surface Coating Works

Traditional cleaners and disinfectants are effective only when a surface is wet. While our TruClean product creates a durable coating on a surface and continuously works after it dries.


Our coating bonds to a treated surface at the molecular level and is not removed by routine cleaning and disinfecting processes. Our products have been demonstrated to neutralize or significantly reduce the levels of surface contamination by surface damaging microbes for up to 12 months with a single application. The coating is formulated with a unique molecule that anchors to surfaces and punctures any microbes that come into contact with it. Under the microscope you can even see the microscopic spikes puncture and pull microbes into the coating. To learn more about the science.

What TruClean Represents

TruClean is a bold statement to your customers, clients and family that you are doing whatever it takes to protect their well being. This badge signifies that you have crossed over from using only disinfectants and have adopted the newest technology to create self cleaning surfaces. This badge builds trust, sets you apart and leaves a lasting impact for your brand or name.

The Benefits

TruClean bonds to surfaces at the molecular level for extended periods of time and does not readily wash off the surface.


Safe & Non Toxic

Environmentally friendly, given 0.0 (lowest) HMIS hazard rating with regard to health and reactivity.


Works Instantly & After it Dries

Revolutionary surface coating treatment with surface penetration and adherence to a substrate.

Self Cleaning Surfaces

Our self-cleaning coating creates a microbial barrier on your surfaces controlling the growth of microbial colonies.

More Protection

Unlike other disinfectants, our coating provides protection in between routine cleaning and disinfecting processes.

What TruClean Customers Say

“Sycuan’s experience working with TruClean has been absolutely seamless. Ray and Ramont are the owners of the company and were hands on from the beginning of the process through the follow ups. They are responsive at all hours of the day and take pride in their work ethics. Customer satisfaction combined with an amazing product is what sets TruClean apart. We are extremely grateful for the partnership Sycuan and TruClean have created. Thank you TruClean!”

Kimberly Stromberg – VP of Hotel Operations

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