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Silane Quat Coatings

Truly Clean Surfaces For Any Industry

We provide cleaning, coating and surface testing to help monitor the level of clean in any environment such as:

Home & Residential

Kitchen counters, sinks, bathrooms, shower curtains, playrooms, toys, etc.

Athletic Facilities

Locker rooms, exercise equipment, wrestling mats, communal showers, etc.

Schools & Childcare

Nurse’s offices/infirmaries, locker rooms, athletic equipment, cafeterias, etc.

Food Processing

Indirect contact prep areas, staging areas, walk-in coolers, restrooms, etc.

Hospitality & Travel

Rooms, cabins, passenger seats, lobbies, door handles, common touchpoints, etc.

Hospital & Healthcare

Patient rooms, operating rooms, ICU, emergency room, waiting rooms, etc.

Our Clients Trust Us

TruClean focuses on high level of detail for every project from 2,000 sq ft athletic gyms to 400,000 sq ft Casino Hotels!


We understand the timely response needed for proactive or reactive services. We are available for residential, industrial or institutional facilities. To meet demands of clients, we provide after hours cleaning as well as overnight coating services as needed.

The Benefits

To ensure the highest level of clean we employ latest technology with top notch training. Historically, the cleaning industry has traditionally paid the lowest wages to those responsible for cleaning critical areas, while providing them with inefficient cleaning methods. Our service can assist your team with rapid one time services and then we can create an ongoing surface cleanliness monitoring program.


Safe & Non Toxic

We use products that are non-irritating to the skin, non-corrosive to most treated articles and non leaching.


Total Surface Coverage

Electrostatic sprayers provide enhanced surface penetration and coverage to ensure product application into hard to reach areas.

Rapid Cleaning Service

Time is of the essence. Our teams can be mobilized with minimal lead time.

Surface Testing

We don’t stop after the initial clean, we offer ongoing surface testing to ensure your cleaning protocals are meeting your requirements.

What TruClean Customers Say

“Sycuan’s experience working with TruClean has been absolutely seamless. Ray and Ramont are the owners of the company and were hands on from the beginning of the process through the follow ups. They are responsive at all hours of the day and take pride in their work ethics. Customer satisfaction is what sets TruClean apart. We are extremely grateful for the partnership Sycuan and TruClean have created. Thank you TruClean!”

Kimberly Stromberg – VP of Hotel Operations

What TruClean Represents

TruClean is a bold statement to your customers, clients and family that you are doing whatever it takes to protect their well being. This badge signifies that you value their safety and have an ongoing testing protocol to validate your standard of clean. This badge builds trust, sets you apart and creates a lasting impact for your brand.

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TruClean For Casinos, Hotels, Apartment Complexes and More

Our team applied our silane antibacterial coating to more than 150,000 square feet of Sycuans Phase 1 opening layout. Using specialized sprayers, trained techs and attention to detail we treated 1,000’s of different surfaces. Is there a clear coating on your surfaces? Contact us now for a consultative estimate to see if our service is right for you.