Cleaning & Sanitation Solutions

“The public perception of what clean means is misunderstood. Think about it, why do we use the lowest paid workers to clean the most critical areas?”

The cleaning and disinfecting industry is transforming before our eyes. Old cleaning processes, which were not effective, are being changed. New less toxic disinfectants are entering the market to push out traditional disinfectants which pollutes our environment.

Even before the covid pandemic, the financial and human costs associated with the mismanagement of harmful microorganisms was huge. Issues such as HAI’s, antibiotic resistance and staff exposure to toxic cleaners are very real but often overlooked. And consumers were not aware of proper application of disinfectants or the risks they face if cleaning is done incorrectly. 

The covid pandemic is helping our society take proactive approaches in the fight against our invisible enemies. We are more aware of the importance of clean and long lasting changes to hygiene practices are being created.

On-Site Testing

Can we measure clean? We use an ATP luminometer to determine surface cleanliness levels. ATP meters are approved by the CDC as a rapid testing protocol and are used in the food & beverage manufacturing industry to verify their facilities are safe for operation.