The Science

History & Origin

Our antimicrobial self cleaning coating is formulated with an EPA registered active ingredient, is water based and non toxic. Once it is sprayed onto a surface it creates a microscopic layer of spikes that stop microbial growth. The history of this coating begins with the  secret of the incorruptible dragonfly wing. Why can thin dragonfly wings be found 100 million years later? It was discovered that there exist antibacterial spikes on the surfaces of their wings!

Nature To The Lab

The key process was creating a polymer that imitates the natural surface of the wings which have the microscopic spikes that can kill bacteria solely based on its physical structure. Cicada wing surfaces have blunted pillars that stretch the cell membranes of bacteria until the outer membranes rupture.

Scientists reverse engineered the molecular structure and created a silane based molecule that can create a similar surface to the dragonflies. The molecular name of this active ingredient is 3-trimetholxy silyl propyl dimethyl octadecyl ammonium chloride. This unique molecule creates a bed of microscopic spikes on any surface it is sprayed on.

Development & Improvement

This technology has been documented and proven for decades however the overwhelming demand for antimicrobial coatings didn’t exist. People were satisfied with the ability of antibiotics and didn’t see the need to develop this technology. As time went on, misapplication of disinfectants and misuse of antibiotics created the perfect environment for superbug creation. Now, in the 20th century, we have the need for long term microbial control and this technology has been improved using modern chemistry techniques to create a long lasting durable surface coating that is highly effective than many other metal based antimicrobials, disinfectants and paints.

The 3 Components of Our Active Ingredient

Silane Base

This is the compound that penetrates the surface and anchors to a surface. This compound begins polymerization upon contact and creates a covalent bond with surfaces and textiles. Additional proprietary ingredients such as surface tension releasers are added to give TruClean a better bond that other antimicrobials on the market. Once TruClean365 bonds with a surface it does not leach or release into the environment, rather it actually becomes part of the surface to which it is applied.

Nitrogen Molecule

Bacteria, viruses and many other microbes have cell membranes that are negatively charged. The active ingredient contains a positively charged nitrogen atom that “attract” the negatively charged microbes toward them until they make contact with the long carbon chain aka microscopic ‘spike’ or ‘sword’.

Long Carbon Chain

This portion penetrates cell membranes and disrupts the microbe’s cell structure upon contact. It delivers a mechanical attack or blow to a broad spectrum of microbes. 

“Our Formula” Explained

TruClean365 is liquid antimicrobial that is sprayed on and sticks to surfaces to provide excellent antimicrobial activity with long-term stability and durability. TruClean365 becomes a protective coating that molecularly bonds with surfaces upon application. TruClean365 is formulated with an EPA registered active ingredient that functions like a spike to puncture microbes’ cell membranes on contact. This coating continues to work even after it dries to create a self cleaning layer that microbes can not live on. Microbes are attracted to the coating’s positive charge, and upon coming into contact with the self cleaning coating, they quickly die.

This antimicrobial ‘forcefield’ physically disrupts and inhibits the growth of a wide spectrum of bacterias, molds, fungi and algae. TruClean365 does not wash off of a surface, does not leach or release chemicals into the environment or on the human body. It forms a colorless, odorless, positively charged polymer that attracts, then electrocutes and ruptures, a microbe’s negatively charged cell membrane.

TruClean365 inhibits the growth of microbes on surfaces by utilizing a charge disruption and physical mode of action. This is a cationic antimicrobial that can attract microbes and neutralize the cell wall’s natural protection by interacting with cellular proteins needed to maintain cell wall integrity. Its charge-disruption mode of action leads to the eventual breakdown of the microbial cell (also known as lysis), eliminating odor, stains and deterioration.

Unlike many other chemical disinfectants which require constant re-application or have unwanted side effects, including damage or discoloration on product surfaces, toxicity to living organisms or environmental damage, TruClean365 technology has a history of safe use and durable, ensuring long-lasting antimicrobial efficacy.