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We protect your entire environment with a 1 year surface coating in a matter of minutes for only pennies per square foot.

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Get Protection In 1 or 2 Steps

Our integrated service is a new approach to clean and offers long lasting performance in a variety of settings. Our sprayer technology allows us to apply our disinfectant in areas that regular spray bottles do not. After disinfection, we apply our surface protectant that lasts for up to a year to establish a new standard of clean. Now you can get around the clock protection from surface damaging bacteria, mold, and mildew.

1 Step – Protect

Surface Coating + Electrostatic Application

We apply our surface coating to all surfaces to create an invisible barrier that physically controls microbes by rupturing their cell membranes on contact. This unique chemistry offers an industry leading level of performance for long term efficacy and durability. Facilities should be cleaned of visible dirt, dust and grime before application.

2 Step – Disinfect & Protect

Disinfect + Surface Coating + Electrostatic Application

We apply our hospital grade disinfectant to all surfaces to kill 99.999% of bacteria, viruses such as MRSA, H1N1, E. Coli, Ebola etc. After the facility has been disinfected, we then apply our surface coating to create self-cleaning surfaces that will inhibit the growth of surface damaging bacteria, mold and mildew for up to a year.

What We Can Provide


Precleaning the environment, spacing items out for treatment.


Apply our coating which dries in minutes.


ATP surface testing to verify effectiveness.


Offer industry specific insight and expertise that can assist you in your health and sanitation program.


We create videos and assets to assist your efforts in creating confidence in your consumer base.

Electrostatic Spray Technology

Electrostatic sprayers help us elevate the level of clean. These sprayers atomize our products and apply an electrical charge to each droplet. The droplet is then attracted to surfaces with a magnetic force to create a uniform ‘wrap around’ coating on all surfaces.

The agricultural and automotive industries have used electrostatic technology for decades to provide a more efficient and cost-effective method of applying chemicals and paint.

We use this technology to apply our core products. Research indicates that electrostatic application is 8 times more effective than using traditional sprayers.

With this technology we ensure 100% surface coverage of all walls, floors, furnishings and equipment present in your environment.

Our industrial sprayers allow us to protect large facilities in hours, while our consumer grade sprayers are available for purchase so you can kill all germs in your environment effortlessly.

What People Say

There was a “gap” between cleanings when re-contamination was occurring… to address our concerns, this was the solution chosen and was soon referred to as our “Antimicrobial Force Field”… we have been treating wrestling mats, weight rooms, health offices, associated kitchens and restrooms for over five years.

Director of Risk Management & Environmental Safety, Perris Union High School District